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“ As more great new companies are absorbed into big old companies, a whole new generation of change is lost. They can issue press releases saying how excited they are to be able to bring their product to a whole new world of customers, and how their new suitor will bring enormous resources to bear, but we know that’s usually not really what happens. Development slows, products stall, the staff that built the great stuff leaves, and mediocrity creeps in. Not always, but usually. ”

Github is making me feel stupid(er)

Bryan brings up a good point here, over the years Github has become harder to navigate. Nothing critical, but nevertheless.

These aren’t killer problems by any stretch, but I do all too often find myself staring at github web pages for 30 seconds at a time, wondering “am I looking at the right page? Did I miss the row of stuff I’m looking for?” I imagine there might be a way to organize these things better, though I’m no visual designer, and I’m afraid I don’t have any crisp suggestions for what might work.