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Github should take down boyfriend_require

Github should take down boyfriend_require. Why? Because despite it being funny and cute, it has no reason to be on Github.

It breaks what GitHub stands for: “Open-Source software”, not a dating site.

It breaks Github’s trending repo’s. Now instead of something that could be valuable, I see boyfriend_require on that list.

Sure its funny, and personally I think its super clever and hilarious. But not on Github, please.

Github is making me feel stupid(er)

Bryan brings up a good point here, over the years Github has become harder to navigate. Nothing critical, but nevertheless.

These aren’t killer problems by any stretch, but I do all too often find myself staring at github web pages for 30 seconds at a time, wondering “am I looking at the right page? Did I miss the row of stuff I’m looking for?” I imagine there might be a way to organize these things better, though I’m no visual designer, and I’m afraid I don’t have any crisp suggestions for what might work.