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Dart on Android?

With the new #Android VM (ART) on the horizon, and #Dart hitting 1.0, It’ll be interesting to see if Google eventually makes Dart compile to native applications.

One language to target the web (#ChromeOS) and Native (Android). 

Dart isn’t just a higher-level abstraction to #javascript like CoffeeScript or TypeScript. Dart is a complete environment with it’s own VM.

I think it would make total sense if Dart bytecode ends up running on ART and once DartVM is integrated into Chrome, be able to run on ChromeOS.

Best part of all? Dart2JS and run everywhere. Though I think we will lose this feature with a framework that lets you develop native and chromeos apps.

CoffeeScript, Jellybeans and Node.js

It’s that time of the year again, when all the conferences happen and you meet awesome people.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be speaking at FITC Screens on CoffeeScript at 2pm, on Friday I will be talking about some kick ass Android tips and tricks at 12pm. You can also get a peek at the new Kobo Arc tablet here as I’ll be demoing some of my stuff on it.

Then in October It’s time for 10 things you need to know as an Android developer happening at AndroidTO! I will be giving away a Kobo Arc here! Yes an Android unreleased tablet just for attending my talk!

If your in Boston for Web Unleashed, then you can attend my Node.js and You workshop and also catch the hour long Node.js you presentation. Web Unleashed November 8th-9th!

Lastly, to end of the conference season I will be speaking on CoffeeScript at DevTO. So you want to hang out,  kick back and learn about CoffeeScript DevTO is the place to be.

See you soon!

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