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Dart on Android?

With the new #Android VM (ART) on the horizon, and #Dart hitting 1.0, It’ll be interesting to see if Google eventually makes Dart compile to native applications.

One language to target the web (#ChromeOS) and Native (Android). 

Dart isn’t just a higher-level abstraction to #javascript like CoffeeScript or TypeScript. Dart is a complete environment with it’s own VM.

I think it would make total sense if Dart bytecode ends up running on ART and once DartVM is integrated into Chrome, be able to run on ChromeOS.

Best part of all? Dart2JS and run everywhere. Though I think we will lose this feature with a framework that lets you develop native and chromeos apps.

Lawnchair: Simple JSON Storage

lawnchair is sorta like a couch except smaller and outside. perfect for html5 mobile apps that need a lightweight, adaptive, simple and elegant persistence solution.

  • collections. a lawnchair instance is really just an array of objects.
  • adaptive persistence. the underlying store is abstracted behind a consistent interface.
  • pluggable collection behavior. sometimes we need collection helpers but not always.

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