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Ecards From Us - 2nd Place Design at NodeKnockout

Last week, Charlie and I represented Dynamatik and competed in NodeKnockout. 

We built Ecards From us, a collaborative Ecard platform, and designed all the assets and wrote all the code in just 48 hours. 

While we couldn’t finish it 100%, I think what Dynamatik did was awesome.

Yesterday I got an email from the NodeKnockout competition showing off the winners.

Unfortunately we didn’t come first, but we came second place for design!, and had the 5th best hack overall.

We lost to public class which made an amazing looking game called Hex.

It’s quite an honour to lose -by just a few decimal points- to this awesome team, and I hope to compete with them again in the near future.

As for Ecards From Us, we will be launching the full version mid next week. 

Thank you to everyone that voted and supported us. This outcome could not have been possible with you.

Ecards From Us

Vote for my hack please!

Friday 7pm EST, while I was thousands of feet in the air I began with Charlie hacking away at our Node Knockout project.

10 red-bulls, 15 chocolate bars and 48 hours later we ended up withEcardsFromUs!

Please check it out and vote for us!

We will be spinning this off to its own startup next week, with actual card sending working, card management, and many more cool features!

A big thanks to Node Knockout for an awesome hackathon and Nodejitsu for some amazing hosting. Im sold on you guys <3

Ecards From Us