Dan Martell


7 December 2012

Why Dan Martell is the entrepreneur you should look up too.

Dan is an interesting person, I’ve never had the opportunity to meet him and I only found out who he is a year ago, but I find him to be an awesome entrepreneur to model myself after.

For the sake of keeping this blog post short, i’m just going to outline 2 things i’ve learned from Dan.

1. When Dan started clarity, that’s when I started to follow him on twitter. I really didn’t know or care about what Clarity was, but I just liked to follow people on Twitter. I also signed up to get notifications on Clairty to see what it actually was. Soon I started getting the most interesting emails. 

Dan started to write his subscribers on Clarity emails giving them an update on the business and what it’s been up too. This blew my mind, being a 22 year old entrepenur, this is something I never thought to do.

To top it off, his emails weren’t fancy with crazy responsive html templates. These emails were simple text emails that started off informal and made it feel very personal.

This was one lesson I learned and I have yet to apply it, but in due time I will.

2. A few days ago, Dan sent an email to Clarity users writing he got funding. I replied saying Awesome great work Dan. Never expecting a reply back, never actually expecting him to read it. But turns out, he sends a reply back a few miniutes later saying Much appreciated.

This is what I find so awesome about Dan, most startups and entrepreneurs if you were to email them like I had (and trust me I’ve emailed a bunch), I’d get no reply back or in some funny cases a reply thats a zendesk ticket.

After that I went onto Clarity to see if I can find an Advisor for my startup, I didn’t really know where to look so I saw that Clarity had a “Help Needed” or something button, where you can ask Clarity to refer you some people.

I clicked on it, wrote out that I needed an advisor and clicked send. 

Again I expected some automated reply from help@clarity.fm, but what I got was a reply from Dan himself, writing up his thoughts on how I can find an advisor and how to approach talking to advisors. I was surprised and I found it to be the best customer service I have ever seen.

This man loves what he’s doing, and for me he’s an awesome role model.

Follow Dan on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DanMartell

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